Sunday, 26 August 2012

Be Strong

I am trying not to go to north London and pick this little guy up….argh….

Saturday, 25 August 2012

20% Off at OHH DEER


Yes, until Monday you get 20% off on all OHH DEER products (including my Stuck on Repeat notebooks), not bad at all!

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Let's Fika!

It's exhibition time!

An exhibition celebrating the Swedish tradition of 'fika'


Let's Fika is a visual celebration of the tradition of fika, showcasing six Swedish illustrators.

Fika is an essential part of life in Sweden. It's about relaxed socialising, taking a break from our hectic lives to catch up with friends (traditionally) over a cup of coffee. The word 'fika' can serve both as a verb and a noun and Swedes consider having coffee an important part of their culture. Since Fika is central to our everyday lives we have chosen to base out exhibition surrounding this tradition. Fika has such vast meaning and the work presented will reflect various interpretations of having fika.

Fika Bar & Kitchen is a restaurant on Brick Lane that embraces the tradition wholeheartedly. It is your home away from home, where lot's of lovely people come to eat, drink, relax in whatever way makes you happy. There could not be a better place to display the works surrounding the tradition 'fika'.

Featured Illustrators;

Hanna Melin
Martin Wollerstam
Åsa Wikman
Danijela Dobric
Emma Löfström
Karin Söderquist

Fika Bar & Kitchen
161 Brick Lane
London E1 65B

Hope to see you there!

PS. If you  would like to attend the Private View please RSVP to wikmanillustration [@] before 12 September with the subject line Let's Fika! with full names of guest/guests.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Man Eating Tigers and Fika


Here's a man-eating-tiger in progress for a new project.

I thought that there's a lot of super talented and inspiring Swedish illustrators who live and work in London and that it would be great to meet them all and do some kind of project together, hmm…

Then while walking pass the Swedish cafe Fika on Brick Lane, that has a lot of original Swedish illustrations on their walls (and the most delicious ice teas known to man kind), I came up with the idea, why not show Swedish illustrations in the most Swedish place in east London, Fika?

Now I am working on the upcoming exhibition and is very happy about having some of my favourite Swedish illustrators with me;  Hanna Melin, Martin Wollerstam, Danijela Dobric, Emma Löfström and Karin Söderquist - I am really looking forward to it!

The exhibition will start in the beginning of September so now I am busy creating my art work for the show, I will keep you posted!

And yes, of course there will be lots of man eating animals! ;)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nothing Lasts Forever


I am like a little ray of sunlight today.

Raspberry Cactus


I am bit bored of blogging at the moment, it is a bit strange isn't it to sit online and write to yourself? I will just post some images from my weekend (the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, re planting plants, being dragged out to new clubs that popped up in the east and drinking to much coffee) and shout out to cyber space that I am featured on Material Lab's Inspiration Page. That's it.

...And yes, if you crave desert then how about vanilla ice-cream with warm raspberry rum sauce? You basically cook the raspberries in about 2 cups of water and dark rum with a bit of sugar…and it is amazing.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I am the Zoo part 2



I love tigers, they always seem to sleep when I visit the Zoo though, I would love to see them awake next time, they are one of my favourite animals and these Sumatran tigers are gorgeous and unfortunately there are only about 300 left in the world, very sad.

No offence to Tigers but I have to confess that after this Zoo visit I am obsessed with Gorillas, this guy was flirting with us and kept posing and they all seemed so unbelievably humble and so much in their behaviours reminded me of us humans, just look at his face expressions while watching us watching him. I am a big Gorilla fan after this Zoo visit and if you want to become a Gorilla fan to, just look at this film where Koko the gorilla meets Robin Williams and plays with him.

It was hard to take photos in the Zoo, most animals are behind fences or scratched glass that makes reflections when you try to photograph them so I am afraid the images aren't that amazing. And by the way, people who use flash in the Zoo piss me off, it clearly says every where that it scares the animals.

These aardvarks where sleeping tight together like a yin and yang symbol and I wish I could get better photos of them, they look like cartoon characters and are absolutely gorgeous and even though I find it sad with Zoo's I am at the same time very split about it. Zoo's do a lot of conservation work and I am glad to get a chance to see all these amazing creatures, of-course I would prefer if they were roaming around in their natural habitats and I was a multi millionaire who could travel and see them. I am wondering though if Zoo's make people more interested in animals and that maybe people start caring more about gorilla's and tigers etc after seeing them? I don't know, talking shit and need to get back to work...



This picture is blurry but I had to show it, this armadillo interacted with me and tried to come as close to the glass as possible but couldn't quite reach and then he stood up on his back legs and looked at me and I honestly got a bit touched and wanted to adopt him or her...

That's it from the Zoo.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I am at the Zoo


Today I went to London Zoo. It was empty.

No, I lied, but I photographed this empty space above, something about the colours, the light and the feeling of the space that I wanted to capture - and guess what, two men came up and stood there by my side and watched the space, looking for what invisible animal I was photographing and it took a while until they realised, there was none to be found and that I was just some weirdo not realising that it is the cages with animals in that I should aim my camera towards.

There is so much to see at London Zoo that I never managed to see it all in one day, probably as a result of me being a geek who is so fascinated by animals that I can stand and watch a gorilla eat for an hour… anyway, it was such a great day, the sun was shining in London for once and most of the animals were out enjoying the warm day.

My camera also worked for 4 hours, hallelujah, and just when I spotted two Malayan tapirs swimming not even a meter away from me - my camera died. But I managed to get some snaps from my day and here they are;


The penguins were very curious and came very close to the glass, having a Zoo of their own where they were checking us out.


Monday, 13 August 2012

Words of wisdom


Words of wisdom on a late Monday night…


I planned the final illustration to look like the one above but I actually prefer the sketch, with messy text all over the place so here's the Animal Kingdom Vulture.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I am on Tumblr!

I have joined the modern world and created myself a Tumblr account,  I have no idea how it works, but I will make myself a cup of coffee and figure it out and start uploading some of my favourite music and news.

A fun little detail about Tumblr is that you can ask people questions and that it easy to navigate and quickly see what you are interested in and would like to find out more about, anyway…time for coffee & Tumblr!

Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

AAK - Art Against Knives


I just donated a framed version of my Untitled print to AAK's (Art Against Knives) gallery in east London. I have known about AAK for a long time and now I thought that it was about time that I donated some work to them.

AAK was created in 2008 after a 21-year-old student from Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design was viscously attacked and stabbed in east London which left him in a wheelchair. The impact of the attack created AAK, whom since has strived to turn the life-changin experience into something positive and strive to understand and work against knife crime within the youth in UK.

To find out more about AAK,  or to donate art work or maybe buy something from their gorgeous gallery, go to: or visit their gallery and print shop in BoxPark, in Shoreditch.