Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Man Eating Tigers and Fika


Here's a man-eating-tiger in progress for a new project.

I thought that there's a lot of super talented and inspiring Swedish illustrators who live and work in London and that it would be great to meet them all and do some kind of project together, hmm…

Then while walking pass the Swedish cafe Fika on Brick Lane, that has a lot of original Swedish illustrations on their walls (and the most delicious ice teas known to man kind), I came up with the idea, why not show Swedish illustrations in the most Swedish place in east London, Fika?

Now I am working on the upcoming exhibition and is very happy about having some of my favourite Swedish illustrators with me;  Hanna Melin, Martin Wollerstam, Danijela Dobric, Emma Löfström and Karin Söderquist - I am really looking forward to it!

The exhibition will start in the beginning of September so now I am busy creating my art work for the show, I will keep you posted!

And yes, of course there will be lots of man eating animals! ;)


céline said...

Wonderful idea! Good luck organizing and sorting out your work. looking forward to the pictures!

Åsa said...

Thanks Céline! :)