Friday, 24 January 2014

I Like: People who try to make a difference

I find it quite disturbing and sad that if I ever post something with a political context on Twitter or on Facebook, then hardly anyone likes or comment on it - it's as if people quickly ignore it and move on. It seems like pics of cute kittens, caffe lattes and God knows what is more important then politics that affects our everyday life and our future. Isn't that a bit frightening?

Does this come from a feeling of not having any power, why care about politics when I can't change anything anyway? Or does people generally think that politics are completely unimportant?

Thankfully everyone doesn't close their eyes or glue them to the television or is stuck googling kittens, some actually try to make a difference and make a change. I am unfortunately not one of them but I salute and give props to those who do and join in as often as I can and guess what - they do make a difference and they do change things.

I am talking about organizations like and SumOfUs and there are many more. All we lazy souls need to do thanks to these dedicated people who take on greedy unethical corporations and politicians is to sign up to their mailing lists or get on their websites now and then and see what campaigns that are on and which ones we would like to support and with a simple click sign and join in - I mean, what is there not to like here? A few seconds and you have actually taken part in something and maybe helped make the world a better place?

Come on, for the sake of all kittens, join in ;)

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Saturday, 18 January 2014


 photo stockholm4copyasawikman-1.jpg
 photo stockholm33copyasawikman-2.jpg

My camera broke when I was in Stockholm and you know how much I love to take photos so I am a bit down about, before it died I managed to get some pics of Stockholm, It has been a very mild winter over there but when I came the temperature dropped and the first snow came. The ship that you see on the first pic is a quite famous hostel in the centre of town called af Chapman.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Animal Kingdom Private View in Stockholm

Here are some pics from my private view in Stockholm. I met so many old friends and collegues as well as new faces and had such a good time that I forgot to take photos but here are at least some. It was a great night and of the 9 pieces that I am exhibiting, I sold 8 on the private view, amazing!

Thanks to everyone who came down and made it such a great night! The exhibition will be up and running until the 8/2 at Bar Nada in Stockholm.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Artist in resident at Scandinavian Kitchen

 photo asawikmanatscandinaviankitchenlondoncopyasawikman.jpg

I am the artist in resident this month over at Scandinavian Kitchen in central London. I am afraid that I don't have any exciting photos except this one from the evening when I hanged it all but might be able to drop by and get some more later.

At Scandinavian Kitchen you can get your favourite Swedish, Danish and Norwegian sweets, bread and a variety of products - or have a nice cup of Scandinavian coffee and a pastry or sandwich, and check out Scandinavian artists of-course;

Scandinavian Kitchen
61 Great Titchfield Street
London W1W 7PP

Kungsträdgårdens underground station

 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm6copyasawikman.jpg
 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm5copyasawikman-2.jpg
 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm4copyasawikman-2.jpg

I just spent a few days in Stockholm, or actually, it felt more like a few hours, time went way to fast! But here are some pics from my mini-holiday, I realised that there are some quite cool underground stations in Stockholm, this one is called Kungsträdgården and is in the heart of town.

 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm8copyasawikman-1.jpg

 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm3copyasawikman-2.jpg
 photo Kungstradgardenstbanastockholm16copyasawikman.jpg

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Q & A: Asa wikman

Oops, I forgot to tell you about my interview with the lovely people over at TSHIRT STORE, you can read it all by clicking here


 photo AnimalKingdomKingKongbyasawikman.jpg

it's King Kong of-course ;)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Getting ready


I have been quite bad at blogging for a while, at the moment there's a lot of fun stuff happening and I am busy trying to get it all done, which is good and I am really enjoying myself - the reason why I haven't blogged for a while was because there was a lot of bad, boring stuff happening, like me being sick and scanning my stomach to see if I have cancer (they did not find any, puuuh), breaking up from a 7 year long relationship and having to find a new home etc etc, but hey, now its 2014, a brand new year and so far good things are happening! 

One of them is that I am exhibiting in Stockholm as I have written a bit about before, I am very excited about it and here's a nice little post about my upcoming show from the brilliant Scandinavian design magazine Cap & Design's website, (only in Swedish I am afraid).

Now I have to return to my desk to see if I can finish my "Revenge of the killer seal" image.