Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Getting ready


I have been quite bad at blogging for a while, at the moment there's a lot of fun stuff happening and I am busy trying to get it all done, which is good and I am really enjoying myself - the reason why I haven't blogged for a while was because there was a lot of bad, boring stuff happening, like me being sick and scanning my stomach to see if I have cancer (they did not find any, puuuh), breaking up from a 7 year long relationship and having to find a new home etc etc, but hey, now its 2014, a brand new year and so far good things are happening! 

One of them is that I am exhibiting in Stockholm as I have written a bit about before, I am very excited about it and here's a nice little post about my upcoming show from the brilliant Scandinavian design magazine Cap & Design's website, (only in Swedish I am afraid).

Now I have to return to my desk to see if I can finish my "Revenge of the killer seal" image.

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