Friday, 24 January 2014

I Like: People who try to make a difference

I find it quite disturbing and sad that if I ever post something with a political context on Twitter or on Facebook, then hardly anyone likes or comment on it - it's as if people quickly ignore it and move on. It seems like pics of cute kittens, caffe lattes and God knows what is more important then politics that affects our everyday life and our future. Isn't that a bit frightening?

Does this come from a feeling of not having any power, why care about politics when I can't change anything anyway? Or does people generally think that politics are completely unimportant?

Thankfully everyone doesn't close their eyes or glue them to the television or is stuck googling kittens, some actually try to make a difference and make a change. I am unfortunately not one of them but I salute and give props to those who do and join in as often as I can and guess what - they do make a difference and they do change things.

I am talking about organizations like and SumOfUs and there are many more. All we lazy souls need to do thanks to these dedicated people who take on greedy unethical corporations and politicians is to sign up to their mailing lists or get on their websites now and then and see what campaigns that are on and which ones we would like to support and with a simple click sign and join in - I mean, what is there not to like here? A few seconds and you have actually taken part in something and maybe helped make the world a better place?

Come on, for the sake of all kittens, join in ;)


marmushka marie said...

this has been bothering me so much lately.
it also applies to heavier topics like depression and anxiety and people just don't want to be "bothered" with that.
i compared it to 2 illustrations i uploaded recently. one was heaver, dark and was more about anxiety and fears. the other one was a detailed piece of a mermaid.
the mermaid got 10 times more reblogs and likes than the anxiety illustration. i received comments like "cute", "aaaww adorable" etc etc.
on the anxiety illustration someone just sarcastically commented: "that's cheerfull..."
a week later i post a comic about cute hamster butts (yeah probably sounds weird...) but guess what, received a lot of likes again.
but when i post things about feminism, veganism, ... no one seems to care that much.
it's so sad and it sometimes demotivates me but on the other hand i hope people still reflect on it in some way and just don't click that like button in the end because they might think that's weird.

Åsa said...

Hi Marmushka,

How funny, I didn't know that you read my blog, I have followed your work since the days of flickr, love it!

Yes, everything is not cheerful and happy and cute and I am quite fed up with it - one of the reasons why I made my Animal Kingdom beer who just ate a lot of people, I vomit on cute at the moment and is happy to notice that I am not alone and the Bear t-shirt has sold out in two Swedish cities ;)

Its okay to not always want to rant or read about politics, but to totally ignore politics and instead spending all their time on completely trivial things like posting how much tea they drink in a day on Twitter and getting more response to that then the fact that corporations are threatening our democracy (or I think they might already have taken over) - that is sad.