Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hemma hos: Dani's Drawings

Yesterday I went home to Dani, a super talented illustrator who is one of the magic four illustrators in my illustration collective Bat Country and the person behind the name Dani's Drawings. We were going to have some coffee and cake and discuss our Bat Country Collective web shop that we are setting up, and then she opened the door to her flat and I was completely blown away.

You could spend hours going through all the quirky lovely little details in her gorgeous home, completely get lost on her walls and shelves covered with lovely graphic books, art & illustrations, collectors item and retro record players. I fell in love with her place and had to take some pictures and show it to you, here you go, welcome to Dani's Dawings home;

And if I wasn't blown away enough already, she topped it with a delicious vegan chocolate blueberry cake. Good times :)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Bat Country Collective Expo continues for another 2 months

My collective and I are really happy and excited about that our exhibition at Craft Coffee is so appreciated and has been such a success! We are staying for another two months and have added more new prints from Emma Farrarons, Dani's Drawings and me so come and have some great coffee, a illustration feast and some truly amazing raspberry marshmallows at;

Craft Coffee
68 Sclater Street
E1 6HR Shoreditch
London, UK

The exhibition will be up and running until October.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Cabin up for rent

 photo hgdh-1.jpg

 photo nhgnfxhnx-1.jpg

 photo vvbfxbxf.jpg

 photo msmhfm-1.jpg

This super nice cabin a few miles from Uppsala surrounded by deep forest is currently up for rent, unfortunately it has no water or electricity so, no, I still haven't found my cabin, where I can resign from humanity and instead socialise with elks and my family of cats. I have failed my crazy cat woman life quite miserably.

But there is still hope.

That's my mom in one of the photos, we love to go and check out abandoned cabins and spy through windows and discuss interior design and how we would decorate if it was ours. But don't tell anyone.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mural making at Translate Bar, Shoreditch

This weekend I have been in Translate Bar on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch working on a massive mural, thanks to everyone who helped me hold the gigantic ladder! I would lie if I would say that I wasn't slightly scared swaying around 4-5 meters up trying to reach the ceiling but thanks to my ladder-holding-assistants it all worked out, thank you!

Translate Bar has a lot of natural light coming in from the high street as the entire wall facing the street consists of windows and also there is light coming in from the back of the bar through their cosy small back garden. So I thought that I should go for it and be bold and use the colour black, and as the wall is very big, I thought that I should go for a simple clean but bold design and not have to much small details that might make the wall to busy, here's a sneak peek of what I did;

The mural is based on a print I made called Giraff-o-mania where photos of real giraffes are mixed up with simple graphic shapes. Now I adjusted the design to make it work on this wall and to fit in with the lights that are placed on it, but I have never done anything like this before so I was quite nervous to be honest but yes, I made it - and guess what, I had no projector so I had to draw the circle freehand!

I have a tip for others who are about to paint graphics on a wall, do not use normal masking tape for sketching up graphics, it doesn't keep tight and doesn't stick to the wall so you will get lots of bleed and not the sharp straight outlines that you want, instead use Kleen Edge Easy Mask tape that you can get it any paint shop, works perfectly!

I will go back to the bar and take some more pictures so that I can show you the finished mural, until then, if you live in east London I can really recommend Translate Bars vegetarian burger with fries ;)

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ego boost on the beach

I have just been on a amazing holiday in Sweden, +32C every day, peace and quiet, no rush hour traffic but mosquitoes and horseflies, lot's of swimming in the ocean and barbecuing dinners on the beach, I have had a great time! I also been meeting elks at two different occasions, which is a must for a Sweden visit, and of course I have been eating loads of my favourite cake, prinsess-tårta, and ate a ridiculous amount of very sour sweets.

I got some nice news on my holiday, a friend told me that my Budgie Love mural is featured in the latest issue of Sweden's biggest interior design magazine, Hus & Hem, I am so glad that she saw it and told me or I never would have known, thank you Therese!

Now I will brag about this for a while, so much fun to see your work in a magazine ;)

I will post some images from my holiday soon but now I will go and enjoy a proper cup of British tea.