Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ego boost on the beach

I have just been on a amazing holiday in Sweden, +32C every day, peace and quiet, no rush hour traffic but mosquitoes and horseflies, lot's of swimming in the ocean and barbecuing dinners on the beach, I have had a great time! I also been meeting elks at two different occasions, which is a must for a Sweden visit, and of course I have been eating loads of my favourite cake, prinsess-tårta, and ate a ridiculous amount of very sour sweets.

I got some nice news on my holiday, a friend told me that my Budgie Love mural is featured in the latest issue of Sweden's biggest interior design magazine, Hus & Hem, I am so glad that she saw it and told me or I never would have known, thank you Therese!

Now I will brag about this for a while, so much fun to see your work in a magazine ;)

I will post some images from my holiday soon but now I will go and enjoy a proper cup of British tea.

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