Saturday, 22 February 2014

Zoology museum, Moscow Part 1

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Wow, from Children's room monster vinyls to sinister looking images from my last museum visits…

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During my trip to Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia I also went to the Zoology museum in Moscow and once again I was blown away, they had three different sections - the alcohol section with various species in jars; shelf after shelf with various snakes, lizards and fish stored in glass jars - the skeleton section with everything from fish, to elk, mammoth and giraffe skeletons - and then the last and third one with all the stuffed mammals and birds. The collection is very impressive and I wish I could show you more but it was dark in the museum and very hard to get good crisp photos without a tripod but if you have the chance to ever visit then please do, the place is amazing.

 photo atthezoologymuseummoscow6copyasawikman.jpg
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The museums bird collection is enormous and I wish I had photos to prove my point but for now these will have to do. The museum also had a very large collection of insects and flies, some so small that you could hardly see them.

 photo atthezoologymuseummoscow3copyasawikman.jpg
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PS. Try and find the walking sticks!

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PS. Thanks for the comments, its nice to get some feedback now and then and to know that there's someone out there dropping by and taking their time to read this blog, thanks! ;)

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