Monday, 17 February 2014

Moscow: Darwin's Museum Part 1

 photo foxesatthedarwinmusuemmoscowcopyasawikman.jpg
 photo atthedarwinmusuemmoscow5copyasawikman.jpg photo bigcatsatthedarwinmusuemmoscowcopyasawikman.jpg

MinaMilk knows that my favourite museum in London and Stockholm, is the Natural History museum, so when I came to Moscow she immediately took me to State Darwin's museum - and I was completely blown away.

State Darwin's museum explains the theory and work of Charles Darwin and focuses on the evolution and how animals have evolved and adapted, there was unfortunately not any signs with information in English which was a minus but the museum is mind-blowing and has a large collection of animals and I really liked how they displayed them. Here is a small exhibition about the various kinds of guinea pigs that made me laugh quite a bit as these normally quite cute guinea pigs look like an army of evil fur balls or what do you think?

 photo atthedarwinmusuemmoscowcopyasawikman.jpg
 photo atthedarwinmusuemmoscow2copyasawikman.jpg
 photo gunieapigsatthedarwinmusuemmoscowcopyasawikman.jpg

The next exhibition is showing how wolfs were domesticated and evolved into one of our favourite pets, the dog. I like how the museum also is displaying art in the exhibitions that shows the animals behaviour, habitats and evolution.

 photo theevolutionfromwolfstodogsatthedarwinmuseuminmoscowcopyasawikman.jpg
 photo theevolutionfromwolfstodogsatthedarwinmuseuminmoscow2copyasawikman.jpg

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Zyzanna said...

Re: guinea pig, I think most taxidermied animals have something sinister about them... LOVE the pictures tho, I have been to both the other museums you mention and this one looks AMAZING.

Åsa said...

Hi Zyzanna,

Definitely. I also went to the Zoology museum which also was amazing, if you haven't been yet you should go - will get some pics up next week.