Sunday, 7 April 2013

Where to buy second hand clothes in east London

I never really blog about shopping, fashion, food etc but, I will do that now. On Brick lane here in east London there are two shops where second hand clothes aren't more expensive then new, which seems to be the norm in London, instead everything costs £10 and in the end of every month when they get new stock, they sell everything in their basements for £5. Not bad.

And you are re using old stuff so you are environmental friendly as well, yeay! Everything is clean and in a very good state, some pieces looks like they never ever been worn. I got this out fit today for £30, £10 per item.

You wanna know where these two bargain places are?


Karin Söderquist said...

Toppen ser jätte fin ut, gillar mönstret!

Åsa said...

Tack, helt galen 70-tals skjorta, tror det ar den langa hemska vintern som fick mig att sukta efter nat med farg da allt ar sa otroligt gratt har.

Kommer du till London snart?