Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday. Nuff Said.

Mondays. Illustration by Åsa Wikman

I liked my pms unicorn sketch so much that I have decided to turn it into a print and maybe a postcard, what do you think?

I thought that it might need a pun and have a really stupid one as my sense of humour is a bit strange, but now looking at it I think it might just be nice the way it it.

Either way, it truly reflects my mood today on this stormy, grey, rainy Monday.


céline said...

haha, I love it! You should really make a card out of it! And we all feel bad some days, not every day is bright and shiny and we should stop pretending. And still: your drawing makes me smile, so it does work!

Åsa said...

Thanks, Céline, it's nice to get some feedback now and then and to know that some one reads the blog :)

There is something special about Mondays though, people are generally more grumpy and talk less, Monday blues I guess?

Petra said...

den är superb! och skulle vara väldigt fin som tryckt. jag gillar molnet ;)
/ Petra

Åsa said...

Tack Petra, kul att fa feedback och annu roligare nar det ar positivt :)