Monday, 30 July 2012


I love silly, ugly drawings that make me laugh and today I needed a good laugh so I thought that it was about time that the Animal Kingdom bear got a friend, a gorilla;

Animal Kingdom Gorilla by Asa Wikman

Here's some crazy stories about human beings and their relationships with animals, the crocodile Pocho in Costa Rica, Mark Duma and the polar bear Agee  and the famous Lion man Kevin Richardsson and Anita and the wolves at the Polar Zoo.

Now I will eat nutella and stalk Art Directors.

PS. Thanks for all the comments, it's nice to know that someone reads the blog, thanks for the feedback!


céline said...

Love the drawing, to bad I can't eat nutella (I'm allergic to nuts...)and watch your work, I would go great together;-)
by the way, I love the flying houses, thank you for that!

Åsa said...

Hi Celine!

Thanks :)

yes, the flying houses are great aren't they?