Sunday, 6 May 2012

My Desk


This is my desk where I work. It looks quite tidy at the moment I have to confess, probably because I just had a swipe clean and filled a drawer unit under the desk with sketches, paper, pens, glue sticks and God knows what. I do collect things, especially pens, paper and doodles, I already have a large box under my bed filled...but how do you throw away drawings? I find it extremely hard.

At the moment I am testing my birthday hamster as a print, I like him in the silver frame on my desk but I am not sure yet. You can get a glimpse of other stuff I am working on on my wall, new hand collage prints and some 50's inspired portraits but it looks a bit warped in the photo, probably because my wall is not straight.

Now I am gonna crash into bed.


céline said...

I love pictures of other artist's desks and studios! You get a glimpse of how they work. Thank you for the pictures;-) and I love the hamster!

Åsa said...

Hi Céline!

Thanks, I think I wanted to celebrate that I finally cleaned my desk haha, in a few days it will be an ocean of papers and pens again...

Ah, thank u , glad u like it :)