Sunday, 6 May 2012

Give Away

I am home sick and has spent the most of the last days passed out in bed with fever, today I made it to the computer so I thought that I could do something fun, how about a new Give away?

The winners of the last two Give Away's never replied and sent me their addresses and I waited and I waited and I e-mailed but no, so I think it's time to let someone else win all the stuff now and here it is;


I Love My Bike T-shirt in Size M


Blue Hello Tiger Pocket-mirror


And a Dream collection set of postcards.

You don't need to be witty or answer questions to win, you just need to leave a message in this blog posts comment section and in three weeks I will randomly pick a winner, Good Luck!

PS. if you do not send me your address then I will not be able to send you your prize. If you don't have a blogger account, remember to check the Winner announcement that will be posted in three weeks. 


Nelsy said...

Asa :) I love your bike T shirt and I love bikes. Hope you feel better.x

harriet gray said...

oh my golly gosh, what silly people to not send you their addresses! i hope i win :)

céline said...

I love that t-shirt, I try to win it each time you'll give it away!

Karin Söderquist said...

Haha, the pocket mirror is awesome*, that tiger makes me smile everytime!

*Everything is awesome!

sophie said...

I love my bike!

rhiannon1986 said...

I love YOUR bike x

Magda said...

hahaha creature on the bike is awesome :)))

Malin Wikman said...

I love all your stuff, the pocket mirror I bought always hold up high and uses slowly, so everbody can see how cute it is.
Now I´m aiming for the t-shirt!!!
KRAM& löööv löööv

Eric said...

Hi, I can't remember If I played last times, but I do this time. That's such lovely gifts ! These cards! Fantastic!

Lutz said...

Asa, I wanna win that awesome shirt!