Wednesday, 9 May 2012



Funny how things work, I just said a few days ago that this year I did not get the flu, should not have done that, three days after it hit me and today is day number five with a runny nose and fever... If anyone knows any amazing remedies, let me know!

While being sick I have gone through some old drawings, and the one above is one of my favourites, Super Cat. I don't draw this way very often any more, I think I needed a period of experimenting and trying things to be able to identify what is me and what my work is all about, and me is definitely drawing ugly characters so there will be more of that as soon as I can get out of bed.

Something very nice happened while I was sick, Design Ark featured some of my work, I am especially happy about it as I follow the Design Ark and think its a brilliant blog dedicated to design, photography art and illustration, definitely check them out!


céline said...

Supercat doesn't look very happy, maybe that's why you picked him out, because you don't feel very well. I think he's funny, I like him!
and I'm sorry, I don't know any super remedies... get well soon!

Åsa said...

Ah, thank you Céline :)

Ha ha, yes, he has attitude, I think that's why i like him as well. Yes, I am drinking a ridiculous amount of green tea and eat way to much garlic for what I think is healthy but maybe it works ;)