Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Swedish Summer: Nåttarö Part1

I love Swedish summer and my favourite island, Nåttarö. Here is how a typical day on the island can look like;

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer8888copyasawikman.jpg

Started the morning with a swim and a nap in Morgon viken.

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer8v2copyasawikman.jpg

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer10copyasawikman-1.jpgLeft and went on a long walk through the forest,

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer7777copyasawikman.jpg
 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer7copyasawikman-2.jpg

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer13v2copyasawikman-1.jpgCame to Vänviken,

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer122copyasawikman.jpg
 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer24copyasawikman-2.jpg

Continued out on the rocky cliffs,

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer123copyasawikman.jpg
 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer16copyasawikman-1.jpg

 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer15v2copyasawikman-1.jpg
 photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer23copyasawikman-2.jpg photo thereisnothinglikeswedishsummer19copyasawikman-1.jpg

No people in sight, took a break and I went for a swim and I did it like a proper Swede, naked. Walked back and had a baroque on the beach by the pier while watching the sun set.

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