Thursday, 11 July 2013

Leandro Erlich in east London

I love when art is interactive and not just that but also invites the observer to take part and be creative and play, one of my old favourite projects is from Stockholm and looks like this;

Today I visited my next favourite project, a pop up art installation by Leandro Erlich that is taking part in a little hidden backstreet in Dalston, east London, if you live in London you should drop by and see it, its not just the installation but also how people interact with it. Today I listened to two old ladies complaining about the narcist youngsters all about taking photos of themselves - but you should have seen how crazy these two old women became when they started playing with the installation and their cameras! Brilliant. You are allowed to go nuts for 5 minutes, if they would not have that limit we would probably still be there playing.

Don't worry, I do my morning work out armed with my camera outside my window everyday. Gym's are not for me.

Well, enough playing - back to work! ;)

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harriet gray said...

ahh! that looks so awesome!