Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Colombian Flower Market

Happy New Year everyone!

I have not been very good at blogging lately, I have been busy gaining weight.

It happens every winter, the constant darkness makes me want to eat things I normally don't even like, like cakes and artificial tasting sweets and anything fried in half a pack of butter will also do, and of-course, chocolate. I think I have gained a few kilos this winter and hope that spring will come before I turn Jabba de Hut.

But I haven't just been eating, I have been hardcore working and created a lot of new designs and patterns that I unfortunately cannot show yet.

And I have been out walking. One of my favourite places is just around the corner so I do not have to walk to far and risk not gaining weight - very good. The market is not very big but has  a great variety of herbs, cut flowers and plants - especially if you go in summer. The area itself is very charming with its old buildings from what I have been told what used to be a very poor part of London back in the beginning of 1900. I tried to take some photos but they don't really show the atmosphere with all the little design shops, street musicians playing and flowers, flowers, flowers and more flowers - I was a bit to lazy to play photographer, but you can at least get an idea and if you ever are in London on a Sunday then Brick lane market and this, the flower market on Colombian road, is a must and they are 10 minutes away from each-other here in east London.

Time for a sandwich.

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