Saturday, 14 April 2012

The London Design Museum and The Power of Shit


Why does this woman look so happy?
'Cos she is having a shit.

I am embarrassed to say that it has taken me years and years to visit the London Design Museum but last weekend I went and the exhibition that I really liked was not the Conran one, or the Design of the Year one, but the United Colors of Benettons' "Survival Guide". (I hope I got that all right).

My camera is misbehaving and my autofocus hardly works which makes me unbelievably sad 'cos I don't know what to do without a camera but anyway, I took some pictures but I am afraid the focus did not work so they are really crap. The picture of the smiling woman above is, if I remember right, from Bolivia where there are very few not just official toilets but toilets in general so women basically find a nice spot and sit down and have a shit under their massive skirts, voila!


It is amazing what you can learn about shit at the Design Museum, for an example, did you know that Rwanda is the only country in the world that powers the most of their prisons with the inmates shit?


Another favourite was from Korea where a lot of couples seem to want a "war theme" on their wedding photos so at the exhibition you can see a few photos of the bride and the groom running for their life's in their nice wedding outfits while soldiers are chasing and aiming at them and the world is in flames, romantic...

Go an see the show and you will see some really fantastic things, people that built their own planes and cars and how they tackle the fact Korea has the second highest suicide rate in the world and how you can practise the power of laughing in India and how you can tackle the problem of people urinating on walls;


Would you piss on a wall with Jesus, Krishna or Buddha on it?

Have a nice weekend!


mina_milk said...

hhahaha, fantastic!)))
when does it shut down?may be i'll get back it time to see it

Hello! said...

Hi Maria! The exhibition is amazingly quirky and fun, very small, but great, I think that you would love it, not sure about how long it will be up though