Tuesday, 17 April 2012



Today I had one of those days when I am wondering what I am doing, thinking that I am not good enough at drawing and that there are so many super talented illustrator's out there that maybe I should be realistic and surrender and get a "real" job (yes, very few seem to realise that being an illustrator actually is a real job) and have paid holidays and sick pay and maybe even a pension plan.

But then I found this old doodle and was reminded, it is not all about the money is it? We spend more time at work then we do with our families and partners, so why not work with something that makes us happy?

PS. I just found some wise quotes in the subject over here.


Ajantis said...

Amen to that Asa!

céline said...

you are so right....and I feel that way at least once a week, haha! and we do work more: our mind never stops thinking about drawings and projects and so on, we don't stop at 5 o'clock. And you are talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Ley said...

It's lovely to hear other people have those thoughts too! We should post our happy doodles around the desk to keep us sane. That's some nice drawing.

Hello! said...

Thanks for the comments, it's nice to know that someone is reading the blog:) + now I know that I am not alone. It is quite lonely working as an illustrator if you don't share a studio with lot's of others so its nice to talk with like minded now and then ;)

It can be tiresome with the industry itself when big corporations think you should work for them for free, cos drawing can't be a profession can it? It's just some kind of hobby... We should all say no and get our rates up but there are always some desperate students or some kid living of mom and dad's credit who doesn't care about the cash who says yes and brings the entire value of what we all do down. I guess we can only make sure we become the cream of the top and get agencies so that we don't need to deal with that any more ;)