Sunday, 1 April 2012

Great News

I did not think that my submission would make it but just received a mail that said that it has been chosen for the Doodlers Anonymous Colouring Book Volume 2, yeay, I am well happy! I love Doodlers Anonymous and will show images of the upcoming colouring book as soon as I can. Now I will celebrate with a nice cup of coffee and continue my new obsession of drawing hamsters and guinea pigs, have a nice Sunday!


céline said...

Congratulations! told you so ;-)

Hello! said...

I am very surprised, they get really really cool submission, happy to have been chosen :)
Thank you Céline, and thanks for all the feedback, most appreciated! It is quite lonely working as an illustrator, sitting in your lonely corner drawing all day so sometimes I start wondering if I lost it or if I am on the right track, then its nice to get some feedback on the blog so thanks for that!