Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Work in Progress: The Fox in the rain


Here are some images from a commission that I am working on.
 I am not quite there yet but in the end there will be a fox standing in the rain with his
 umbrella holding a baby bird, something like this I think… 

...if I don't completely change my mind and turn him into an astronaut or a jazz musician instead. 
 I love to make characters so I am having fun and will show you the final in the end of the week.

Now I am going to make halloumi burgers with garlic marinated mushrooms and lots of hummus 
and get back to my to do list.. it's scarily long this week


Mat Pringle said...

He's aces! Good work!

céline said...

I like the one where the fox has his eyes closed. With his eyes open I'm not sure what his intentions with the little bird are... :-) And that bird is so sweet.
Good luck with you to do list!

Åsa said...

I thought about that as well, don't want to give children nightmares and make them afraid of foxes so I will make him look a bit more friendly and happy.

The bird looks quite tasty though...

Ajantis said...

I love these Asa!

Åsa said...

Thanks for all the nice comments :)

I am trying to give the fox another friend right now, a turtle, lets see if I succeed.