Tuesday, 2 August 2011

You give me fever


Home with flu, really bored and annoyed as I have had the flu for a few days now and want to get back to work.

On a more positive note, lots of fun things are happening right now that I am quite excited about, which makes me even more annoyed about being sick, I will update you all when I am back up on my feet!

And yes, I have done some small improvements to the blog, now it is possible to add any of my posts to Twitter, other Blogger accounts or Facebook with just one click thanks to these new added buttons, which is quite tech for being me...

But please, if you re blog any of my work please remember to mention where you got it from.


céline said...

I hope you feel better soon ;-(

Åsa said...

Thanks! You don't happen to know about any miraculously good house hold remedies for curing colds do you? I tried garlic, chili, slept for days and drank a lake filled with tea and orange juice but... noop, still sick..