Monday, 13 April 2015

Exhibition time - sketch book up!


It's nice to finally have some time to draw again!  Currently I am working on new prints for a upcoming exhibition with Bat Country Collective, the name of the exhibition is "Man's Best Friend" and at the moment I have so many ideas that I think that my brain will explode and the ones that I have tested so far I am not really happy with so I have a few very busy weeks ahead. Wish me luck!

 photo gorilla sketch by asa wikman copy asa wikman.jpg

I have been fascinated in how some people have close relationships with wild animals for a very long time and have spent hours watching youtube videos of people cuddling with their cheetahs, lions and tigers, playing and swimming with wolfs, foxes and even white sharks and polar-bears. There's a lot that could be said about this, personally I don't even have a cat as I think it would be cruel in my tiny flat with no garden and of course I would much rather have a lion running free in the wild then being someone's pet but let's leave that debate aside and just look at the relationship that some people have with their animals for now and also remember that not all of these animals have been captured, some have been saved by humans and would not have been alive without them.

I would like to share one of the films I have been watching with you, it's about Chito & Pocho in Costa Rica, a man and his best friend, a crocodile - watch it and try to not be amazed.

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