Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nåttarö 2014 Part 2

 photo naringttarouml8763copyasawikman.jpg
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Here are some more holiday pics from the Swedish island Nåttarö - I am afraid my camera died so a lot of the photos are taken with my phone and are therefor not of the best quality, but to be honest, its quite amazing how good photos you actually can take with a phone now!

Now I am back in a grey, polluted London and want to go back to the island and barbecue my dinner on various beaches every night and swim in the ocean every day and pro long the summer a bit. I think you appreciate nature, the silence and the fact you suddenly have space just for you and you alone even more when you live in a busy city as London that never goes quiet and were most of us are used to commuting on overcrowded boiling underground trains for hours every day. Here you can switch off and breath.

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Nåttarö is a nature reserve and I hope it will remain this way for ever, no one is allowed to buy or to build new houses on this island or turn it into some private holiday resort - people are instead welcome to come and rent cabins or to camp on the small camping and it has one small little kiosk selling ice cream, sweets and magazines in the guest harbour and a small shop by the other harbour that offers fresh coffee and freshly baked cinnamon buns and baguettes in the morning, even have vegetarian mince and sausages and pretty much everything you can want and need. And then theres the pub. That's it. And it's lovely.

But summer, you were way to short.

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