Saturday, 27 September 2014

Nåttarö 2014 Part 1

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I never posted any photos from my summer holiday, my camera broke and I can't afford to get a new one or to fix it but was lucky and my friend had a camera so I could borrow it now and then and also, thanks to today's amazing phone cameras, I could take some decent pics with my phone. So, welcome to Nåttarö, an small island in the Swedish archipelago, a nature reserve and my favourite place to go in summer. There are quite a few people who have found this lovely island and has returned to it every summer for generations, but still you can go and find your own little beach to hang out on, with no other people, no cars or traffic, just the endless ocean. A very nice break from busy, polluted, crewded London.

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From the top, me tkingphotos with my camera, photographed by Julia Hancock, my swim wear drying in the sun and the Nåttarö Pub.

I love this little island and have to go back every summer, this summer we were extra lucky and it was +33C degrees every day - the sad thing though is that a lot of the nations around the Baltic sea have polluted it for decades and boats and ships are allowed to dump shit straight in the ocean, so now if it gets to hot we get seriously problems with poisonous algy and its so sad to see how we are destroying this beautiful ocean. I hope they start doing something about it very soon.

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And that's me, trying desperately to get my camera to work while being photographed by the superb Julia Hancock. Thanks Julia for letting me use your camera and to Jules & Nick for being great holiday companions!

Now I desperately need some morning coffee...

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