Monday, 30 June 2014

London Zoo 2014 part 1

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I took the day off and went to the Zoo.

To parents and teachers who let their kids run ape shit and to people who bang on windows and use flash photography and scare the animals even though there are signs every where asking you politely not to - stay at home.

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It's the third time that I visit London Zoo and I have mixed feelings about visiting Zoo's - the ego part of me love the fact that I can get up and close to a couple of gorgeous cheetas like this, but at the same time I see how frustrated the male is looking and how they are walking round in circles and seem unbelievably bored - but without the zoo maybe they wouldn't even be alive? But lets not go down that route now as I haven't had my morning coffee, in a perfect world we wouldn't need zoo's, now I am just thrilled to see all these amazing creatures up close and is very amazed about all the creatures that we have on this planet. I got extremely close to the cheetas, so close that I couldn't focus my camera properly, they are impressively gracious and can run go from 0 to 70km an hour in less then a second.

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