Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Russian adventures continues, now with Russian Illustrator MinaMilk

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I exhibited in Moscow and I did so with two great Russian illustrators and this little blog post will focus on one of them, MinaMilk. Mina and I studied illustration together at Camberwell College of Arts here in London and became very good friends and has worked on various projects together and I can still remember the first time that MinaMilk showed her drawings in a class, even the teachers were speechless, she grabs a pen, sips on some coffee and it looks like she is doodling but she is drawing up little pieces of art in a few seconds, let me show you some of her work which often is quite sexual, hand drawn and coloured in with everything from water-colours to tea bags;

MinaMilk's dream project is to walk into the wilderness and work with wild animals and make a book/performance/exhibition afterwards and her big passion is cats and she knows more about various species then I think all of us together and is dreaming about discovering new ones in the wild and recently went on a trip to Sri Lanka where she saw leopards in the wild.

I asked MinaMilk about the difference between living and working as a Illustrator in London compared to Russia and for a long time she has complained that it is very hard to get good art material as sketchbooks and good paper in Russia, I thought that she was exaggerating as I know how picky she is with her paper but after visiting Russia and some art shops I know that she unfortunately is right so we are trying to figure out a way for me to send her sketch books - which sounds easy but as most packages to Russia "get's lost", its actually not that easy at all… MinaMilk herself explains it like this;
"Of-course there is! In London it's less common that you have to explain that illustration actually is a profession and yes, that you want to get paid for it. In Russia there is more money but less chance to find it."

MinaMilk works with editorial illustration as well as fashion illustration, shop window displays, cards and stationary, products and installations. To see more of MinaMilk's work click here

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