Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sauna time


Here's a little ice-skating sketch that I never finished

I like winter. Where I am from we used to have lot's and lot's of snow, we ice skated and went skiing with school as well as with our parents, sat on frozen lakes and drank hot chocolate and built snow tunnel systems and caves and could spend hours and hours outdoors.

Now I am old, grown up. Boring. And there is no snow even though it is very, very cold in London at the moment.

So, no ice skating, no skiing,  and definitely no snow tunnels. But it's okay as I can't stand how cold it is, it feels much colder here in London now then it felt in the north of Sweden when it was -20C!

…or maybe I am just getting old? Either way, I am going to the closest swimming hall and sauna instead to defrost!

I hope that you are enjoying the winter where ever you are!

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