Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bilingual by Music "Kids Songs - English and Swedish Children's Favourites"



Happy days, now it's out! The new double CD "Kids Songs - English and Swedish Children's Favourites" from Bilingual By Music that I illustrated & art directed and my copy just fell down through the mail box so I have tried to take some photos of it to show you and finally I think I should also explain and write some about the project itself, I think Bilingual by Music does it best so I nicked this from their website; 

'For bilingual families and everyone else who wants to practice their language skills in a fun and easy way. Music and nursery rhymes are a big part of children’s lives all over the world. Some songs are only sung within a certain culture or country. However, there are some tunes that have travelled far beyond their origin and become well known and loved across many countries and cultures. We all know the melody but the language and the meaning is often representative of that culture or country.

We have embraced this fact and created a fun, bilingual musical environment for children to easily learn these nursery rhymes in each language. Our first products will focus on the Swedish-English relationship"

The two cd's contain classic children songs as "My hat it has three corners", "Twinkle twinkle little star", "Eensy weensy spider" and "Old MacDonald" and is packed in a booklet where each song is represented in Swedish and English with my illustrations.

For more information about Bilingual by Music and this project, where you can purchase the album, listen to snippets etc please click here

There is also a interview with me about this project over at Bilingual by Music that you can read if you click here

This has been a really great project and I am really happy to have been asked to be a part of it and that guitar playing crocodiles and rock n roll goats were accepted and that I could do my quirky thing, I hope you like it!


Karin Söderquist said...

Så jäkla snyggt Åsa!!! Du är bäst! <3

Åsa said...

Tack Karin, kul att du gillar :)