Saturday, 24 March 2012

Happy Birthday To Me


It is my 35th birthday today and I actually like getting older (even-though I don't really like the white curly hair that has started to grow on my head, I wish it could wait about 4-5 years before it starts appearing but anyway), getting older and wiser is not an issue for me, I think that it's actually quite nice, but I do get nostalgic.

It doesn't feel as if it was that long ago since I had a 80's hair-sprayed fringe and side burns and my older sister was into 80's rock and punk and had the most amazing hand sawn crocodile patterned leggings and mixed her own lipgloss and my dad had holidays with us in his tight turquoise leopard patterned swim trousers and people talked about a new strange fruit that had appeared in the supermarket called kiwi and eating tacos was considered exotic and cool, but it is, so here is some nostalgia. My mom back in the good old 70's, me and my oldest sister Marina, Zita as a puppy and my dad just before he became a dad, and me at a age were I thought hiding in the wardrobe was pretty much the most exciting fun thing that could happen in a day. And while being nostalgic, one of the best tunes ever




céline said...

Happy birthday to you!!!!!! have a nice day and weekend!!!

harriet gray said...

happy birthday!! :)

Hello! said...

Thank you guys! :) Hope your having a nice sunny spring weekend as well.

Karin Söderquist said...

Massa grattis (i efterskott)! Hoppas du hade en super fin dag!

Så himla fina/roliga bilder!