Saturday, 11 February 2012

Evolution Pattern Collection

Budgie Love Wallpaper by Asa Wikman

Swedish Winter Wallpaper by Asa Wikman

Evolution Wallpaper by Asa Wikman

I think that most of you recognise these patterns, I have shown some of them before, here on the blog, on my website and on my Twitter account, I call them my Evolution pattern collection; Budgie Love, Swedish Winter and Evolution. The last, the Evolution pattern is much, much larger in reality, I just wanted to show how the repeat works so I scaled it down, here it is in its real scale;

Evolution Wallpaper by Asa Wikman

I am not sure if my obsession with hand drawn animals and patterns has ceased so there might be more soon.

Have a nice weekend!


harriet gray said...

they're lovely! ooo and well done on winning the ohh deer comp :D

Åsa said...

Thank you Harriet! :) Yes, that was a nice surprise, I never won any competitions, very excited about it!

And oh yes, I put up a link to your lovely blog, so beautiful work, I love it!