Wednesday, 16 November 2011



Slightly bored even-though I have plenty of work to do, need something new to plunge into and has hooked up with a few illustration and design friends to plan a exhibition for the beginning of next year, fun, fun fun!

Here's a good talk with Stefan Sagmeister about the importance of time off and playing, so I am having a little play today and the images above was what I came up with.

And yes, one more thing, I started to sell my prints in a few shops here in UK and US but I would love to sell some in Sweden as well but don't know any shops dedicated to independent art and design, if you happen to know of any please let me know!



Petra Wester Norgren said...

åh men tack! det värmer att du gillade min sida, har ingen direkt banner färdig men ta å kopiera nån av bilderna jag har vid höger sidan i bloggen, kanske den det står barr på du vill! superfina bilder dom här senaste du lagt upp . kram

Åsa said...

Tack Petra, will do, kram tillbaka!