Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Baby Squizle


This is little Squizle, the name that we gave a baby squirrel that me and my boyfriend ended up being adoptive parents to for two few days last spring. Some guys had found her in their studio and took her to the park where we live, the story sounds a bit suspect I know, why and how would a baby squirrel get into a studio, but who knows? They left her in the park where we live at the same moment as our friend happened to walk by on the way to our house. She was very weak and you could tell that she was not well and it did not feel right to just leave her there in the park but we decided to wait and see if any other squirrel might come and help her but nothing happened. In the end we started getting afraid of a dog or a fox attacking her and ended up taking her to our flat while calling animal organizations to see if there was anyone who could help. 


She was the cutest little thing and ate loads and seemed to get more energy and even started to play with us a little bit, but the last day she all of a sudden got worse and just wanted to sleep and be close to us. After two days a animal organization came to collect her and take her to the vet and she was ill and could not be saved. 

Forget about cute dogs and kittens, this little squirrel baby with her massive feet and big eyes broke our hearts, it's a shame that we could not save her but at least we could save her from being eaten by a dog or a fox in the park and made sure that she was well taken care of her last two days in life.

R.I.P Baby Squizle


Karin S said...

Aw, she's adorable! I can't believe you never told me you took care of a baby squirrel!

Åsa said...

Oh, did I not tell you? I thought we told everyone we knew cos we were so obsessed, she was so, so cute and we got a lot of friends involved, all googling and calling around trying to find out how to take care of a baby squirrel, what to feed them etc. We have about 100 films with her, I am trying to upload one now.

céline said...

Oh she is so cute and what a wonderful thing you did for her! I'm really sorry you could not save her, squirrels are so cute, two of them live in my garden, love to see them running!

Åsa said...

We imagined and hoped that we would save her and stay friends with her as she grew up and go and spoil her with nice nuts and have a little cuddle in the park now and then, but she did not make it.

The cutest little creature I have ever seen though.