Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Penguin Party!


Hmm, making nice, funny penguins is harder then I thought, this one is not finished yet, but I think that me and my Wacoom pen slowly, slowly are getting there. I am working on a spread with lot's of wacky penguins and a tired and distressed penguin dad at the moment, lot's of fun! 

I don't like to listen to music when I work, I don't know why but I prefer to listen to films and here is a documentary that I recommend about a small Pacific Island which a British mining company decided to exploit with no thoughts of it's environment or population, there was only one problem, the people that lived on the island was not going to let some greedy western  company destroy their homes and stroke back. Arrows and poisonous plants vs helicopters and the Papua New Guinea Army, and guess what? 

They won! 

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