Tuesday, 22 March 2011



What a shit day. 
I felt like being a bit luxurious and get some sushi. I LOVE sushi. 
But just when I was going to bite into the first piece I could see a large black insect crawling around in the rice... 
Mmm, yummi!  I will never ever ever buy sushi from Wasabi again.

Then I went to a cash machine to get cash out to get something else to eat. 
The machine swallowed my card and the rest for the day I was cueing in the bank.
At-least I managed to draw a white elk...

If you wonder what the elk is saying it's "Don't buy sushi from Wasabi unless you like insects with it"


céline said...

oh poor you! That was a bad day but at least you made a wonderful drawing!

SpaCe pUmpKin said...

arghhhh yuck .... never go to wasabi .. go to the japanese centre near piccadilly or there is one near soho Shaftesbury av.