Monday, 21 March 2011

I have a studio!

Yesterday I moved into my new studio that I will share with the talented Mina Milk. We are not properly set up yet and probably need to do a little trip to Ikea but this is how it is looking so far. The room is very long and narrow with a very high ceiling and it was quite hard to take photos that properly show the size of it. We are super exited though about finally having our own space and will show more photos of how the studio is developing soon.



céline said...

Congratulations and I'm sure you'll make some nice works here!

Åsa said...

Thanks Céline! I am super happy and exited about finally having a proper work space and will show more pictures after we've been to Ikea and got everything up and running

Anna said...

HELLO Asa and Maria. It looks great! Good luck.