Monday, 6 July 2015

Barcelona pt 2

I was going to go to Barcelona Zoo but red a lot of really bad reviews and also saw that they have a dolphin and seal show and felt that I don't want to support that, I don't really think that Zoo's should have animal shows - it's not a circus but should try and show animals in their natural habitat so I skipped that and walked up to the old castle on Mountjuic instead which is surrounded by beautiful parks and has a great view of the city and chilled out under a orange tree.

People were very generous and friendly and I definitely have to go back soon again. What is interesting and inspiring with this city as well is that even though Barcelona is going through a tuff time with high unemployment and a heavy hitting financial crisis the city is still bubbling with innovation and creativity and there's a lot of small creative businesses making glasses out of old skate boards, environmentally friendly wallpapers, shoes, bags etc etc. And we are not taking about greedy, evil corporations who doesn't even pay their staff a living wage - instead these small companies struggling in a very tuff economic climate pay their staff fair and good wages, celebrate things that are hand made, recycled and organic and is not ruining our planet, way to go Barcelona!

I will be back.

PS The white bottle in the right side corner is a bottle of Sangria from Casa Lolea in Born, this Sangria is made with apple and elderflower and is definitely worth a try.

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