Saturday, 14 March 2015

I Like: Advanced Style

Images from the Advanced style blog.

Hi Everyone,

I have been awfully quiet lately, I have been busy enjoying London city; cognac and cocktails in dim-lit  pubs and hidden bars, long walks and exhibitions but also my new hobby; kick boxing - and of course, new exciting projects!

I will exhibit with my Bat Country Collective gang this spring in east London so I am looking forward to that and will keep you posted, until I can share all the new stuff with you I wanted to share a short documentary that I really liked, "Advanced Style", based on Ari Seth Cohen's blog with the same name.

I am well aware of that there's more important things going on in this world then fashion and elderly women walking around the streets of New York dressing how ever they feel like but this is about more if you ask me and in a world obsessed and focused on young people and beauty how inspirational and cool it is to see women at the age of 70-100 being happy, confident, absolutely gorgeous and enjoying life!

See it and let me know what you think.

That's it for now, enjoy your weekend!

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