Thursday, 25 June 2009

From Me To You; Ninja Cat

It would be extremely boring to write a Blog that no one ever red and no one ever left any comments on so this is to my lovely readers, a little present that I hope you like, Ninja Cat.

Cut him and his Ninja outfit out following the thick outlines and do like me, refuse to ever grow too old to play!

The Åsa Wikman Quality Test Group trying out the first Ninja Cat and she is flying perfectly like a Ninja should

Have a nice summer!

All the Best,

PS. You save Ninja Cat to your computer by clicking on the image and letting it open in a new window and go save as ( if anyone did not know)


Mon said...

Great work on the ninja ..really great idea that u could dress him up ..Keep it up!

Karin S said...

Haha, vilken rolig! Måste sriva ut en och testa när jag kommer hem!

Åsa said...


Glad u like him, my version that I tested is a bit bigger so let me know if its to hard to cut him out now when he is a bit smaller and I will put him up bigger. Let me know how it goes, I might make him some buddies later

All the Best,

PS. the thicker paper u print him on the better