Monday, 18 May 2009

Finally: The Mad Painter T-shirts for sale!

I was supposed to set up an Etsy shop but there's to much going on at the moment so this one goes out to all of you that were interested in The Mad painter T-shirt,

There are 5 in size L and 4 in size XL, they are all 100% cotton and white.
They are now for sale for 150 Swedish Krona or £13 - that is without postage.

It was mostly friends and people that I know that was interested so I can meet up with all my London people so that you don't have to spend money on postage - and my people in Sweden, I will be in Stockholm in July and can meet up with you then so that you save postage money as well. For my other friends around Sweden, postage will be cheaper if I send you the t-shirts from Stockholm then from UK.

E-mail me on if you are interested and we'll sort it out so that you can look cool in you Mad Painter T this summer ;)

All the Best,

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